Nursing Assignments

Journal Entry

Critical reflection of your growth and development during your practicum experience in a clinical setting has the benefit of helping you to identify opportunities for improvement in your clinical skills, while also recognizing your strengths and successes. Use this Journal to reflect on your clinical strengths and opportunities for improvement, the progress you made, and …

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Viatical Settlements

Assignment Objectives:  Discuss viatical settlements, explain why individuals offer viatical settlements, and discuss risks involved in the viatical settlement process. Purpose:  Understand viatical settlements. Assignment Description:  Read the article, “Are You Worth More Dead than Alive?” by James Vlahos to learn more about the concept of selling personally owned life insurance policies. (WEBSITE TO READ …

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Telehealth Medicine

What are the Pros and Cons to telehealth? How will you approach and perform a telehealth assessment? What are the limits to telehealth? What is the difference between the provider’s need for a successful telehealth visit versus the Patient’s perspective? Formatted per current APA and 2-5 pages in length, excluding the title, abstract, and references …

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Human Trafficking

How do culture, politics, geography, and economics play roles in human trafficking violence within a community and globally? Analyze and summarize causes and issues of suicide in woman in China. ·       What are some reasons for the disparity of cancer incidence, treatments, and survivorship among vulnerable populations worldwide and compare and contrast global methods of …

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Agency Synopsis

Identify regulatory agencies that regulate health and the health care system within the US, create a table listing your 5 regulatory agencies and address the following: Describe the agency, level of regulatory authority (local, state, federal), scope of regulatory authority, and role within the US healthcare system. Address relevance of the organization or the organization’s …

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  Review the case study and, based on the provided information, think about a possible patient evaluation plan. As part of your evaluation planning, consider where the evaluation would take place, whether any other professionals or family members should be present, appropriate assessment tools and guidelines, and any other relevant information you may wish to …

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Problem Statement (PICOT)

Develop a 5-9-page problem statement that presents information related to the problem-intervention-comparison-outcome-time (PICOT) approach to nursing research. Introduction Note: Each assessment in this course builds on the work you completed in the previous assessment. Therefore, you must complete the assessments in this course in the order in which they are presented. For the first section …

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Prepare 5 to 6 slides of PowerPoint on RESPIRATORY DRUGS including the following: Summary of the Unit/Classification Minimum of three types of drugs or supplements Typical routes of administration Common side effects and adverse effects Special considerations Common Nursing interventions You must distill the material to only key points.  Use your textbook and Davis’s Drug Guide as …

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Discussion Board

Discussion: Review of Current Healthcare Issues If you were to ask 10 people what they believe to be the most significant issue facing healthcare today, you might get 10 different answers. Escalating costs? Regulation? Technology disruption? These and many other topics are worthy of discussion. Not surprisingly, much has been said in the research, within …

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