Classification Essay

Classification Essay

Classification Essay
Classification Essay


Directions: Download this document, complete the 4 steps, save your work, and submit the completed assignment. To complete the 4 steps, fill in the fields below with information as described in the Classification Essay: Prewriting Assignment Instructions. Be sure to complete each component of the planning to ensure that your content is correct.

Step 1: Classification Essay: Prewriting and Outline
Directions: Using one of the assigned topics, complete all of the elements of the planning; otherwise, the content of your piece will not be accurate.

Topic: You will choose 1 from the following topics for your Classification Essay:
• Types of Pet Owners
• Types of Drivers
• College Students’ Attitudes Aboud Plagiarism
• People’s Attitudes about Sports
• Modern Forms of Education

Three categories:




Topic Sentence:

Thesis Statement:

Brainstorm Characteristics:


Classification Outline:

Step 2: Classification Essay: First Draft

Step 3: Classification Essay: Rewriting

Step 4: Classification Essay Honor Statement


Read and sign this honor statement prior to submitting your assignment:

By typing my name in the space provided, I certify that all words and ideas in my writing assignment are mine alone, and, if I used another person’s words or ideas (by summarizing, paraphrasing, or directly quoting), I gave credit to that author, and I also put quotation marks around any direct quotations.

By signing my name, I also understand that, if I have copied someone else’s ideas or words, I have plagiarized, and I understand that the penalty for plagiarism is course failure.

Student Name: _________________________________________

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