Classmate Response Krista (2): PHN 652-Topic 8 DQ 1 -Evaluating Population-Based Interventions

Classmate Response Krista (2): PHN 652-Topic 8 DQ 1 -Evaluating Population-Based Interventions


Please elaborate on one or two points from the classmate’s post.
-Also, provide feedback to the classmate’s post.
-And also add other points related to the topic.
-Please use your own words and do not copy what she wrote
– Sources must be published within the last 5 years. It must be from 2017 and after and appropriate for the paper criteria and public health content.
– Please do not use blogs as references
-References should be in APA 7th ed.
-Add references to reference page
-Add the hyperlink/DOI for each reference in APA 7th edition format.
Thank you.





Classmate Response Krista Reply

I agree with you that some of the strategies that a public health nurse can utilize when evaluating an intervention include being organized, setting clear objectives, evaluating the effectiveness of the data collected and finally planning and understanding the desired outcomes and goals of the intervention being evaluated. However, I also believe that a public health nurse can adopt strategies such as engaging stakeholders with a clear description of a public health intervention program and focusing the evaluation on specific issues (Clarke et al., 2019). A public health nurse can also gather evidence so as to effectively engage in fact-finding, justify their conclusions and effectively share and apply the various lessons they learn. Relating to engaging stakeholders, public health nurses should therefore involve all the stakeholders involved in a public health program to conduct effective evaluations for the various interventions adopted (Stojanovic et al., 2020). On the other hand, public health nurses should also clearly describe the program and ensure that the objectives of such programs before conducting an evaluation. Having a specific focus to evaluate in a public health intervention would also go a long way in enhancing intervention evaluations. The forecast of an evaluation of an intervention should therefore be based on what is important to given stakeholders. A public health nurse should also be involved in activities to engage in fact-finding and gathering evidence in the evaluation of various interventions. This could include gathering data related to the timeframes, effectiveness and expenditure of certain programs and interventions in public health (Stojanovic et al., 2020). On the other hand, a public health nurse has to justify the conclusion of the year evaluation to certain interventions. Finally, public health nurse has to share and apply the various lessons they learn after evaluation of certain interventions in public health programs.



Clarke, G. M., Conti, S., Wolters, A. T., & Steventon, A. (2019). Evaluating the impact of healthcare interventions using routine data. BMJ, l2239.

Stojanovic, J., Wübbeler, M., Geis, S., Reviriego, E., Gutiérrez-Ibarluzea, I., & Lenoir-Wijnkoop, I. (2020). Evaluating Public Health Interventions: A Neglected Area in Health Technology Assessment. Frontiers in Public Health, 8.


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