What education/support and advanced care planning can be providers for caretakers of patients with dementia

Acceptable References

Rationale: As future providers, one wants to follow the evidenced-based practice that is accepted by regulatory authorities. The authorities and peer-reviewed journals have the input of many professionals and not just one provider’s opinion. As a provider, you want your care substantiated with best practices and published treatment plans and protocols to withstand your defense with other providers and a lawsuit.
Examples of these authorities include, but not limited to:
ACOG, AADE, ADA, American College of Surgeons, etc.
Acceptable Resources Unacceptable resources
• Textbooks used in your courses
• Peer-reviewed journal articles:
o New England Journal of Medicine
o Diabetes Educator
o Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners
o UpToDate with an author
o Epocrates – Drug information only • WebMD
• Dynamed
• Stat pearls
• Medscape
• No blogs
• Educational tools for patients
• Mayo and Cleveland Clinic – opinions, not evidence,
• Materials aimed at the “lay” person
How to locate adequate resources that are peer-reviewed:
• Link your computer to the GCU library
• Talk you’re your hospital/organization’s librarian
Library resources/education links:
• Library Walkthrough Tutorial:
• Nursing & Health Sciences Research Guide:
• Nursing Webinar:
• Appointments with a librarian:
o Phone Local 602.639.6641
o Email:

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