Discussion Question

Discussion Question

Discuss the scope of your project (how nurse leaders can initiate and manage change) and what your budgetary requirements are or will be. Identify the steps you will need to take in the budget planning process to implement your project

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The concept of being a change facilitator is a critical one in the area of nurse leadership. A mix of techniques and leadership abilities is used by change facilitators in the nurse management field to influence not only the attitudes of their teams but also the skills and competencies of team members as a whole. It is important to note that advocacy is a significant part of the change facilitator’s responsibilities.

By highlighting the positive aspects of new technology, processes, or organizational characteristics, nurse leaders may serve as change champions. They can also make learning new skills needed by technology changes or policy a focus for themselves and their teams. They act as a role model for other members of the staff by demonstrating their readiness to learn and adapt (Lumbers, 2018). They also prepare themselves to be educators who can guide their students through the learning experience associated with change.

Communication, training, system development and implementation, and the assessment and modification of procedures within the organization, are all necessary budgetary requirements for implementing change (Mattox & Kilburn, 2016). All of these things need a large financial expenditure. When one considers the amount of effort required to achieve change, as well as to shift behavior patterns and thoughts across an organization, the cost increases.

While project implementation is a fascinating endeavor, budget planning can be a tedious task.  Creating a budget is the most effective technique to get control over how much money one is spending.   Furthermore, it will assist one in identifying areas where they might save money. In order to accomplish a project’s budget planning, the following essential steps must be taken:

  1. Identifying and evaluating financial resources.
  2. Calculating the costs of the project.
  3. Establishing goals.
  4. Conceiving an approach that takes into account both established goals and available resources.
  5. Keeping track of the progress.


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