Episode of care

Episode of care

Episode of care
Episode of care

Summative reflective essay, make use of NMC
Episode of care (Summative Reflection)
1. A diabetic patient in care of the elderly ward.
2. Has a dementia
3. High risk of fall
4. Went hypoglycaemia
5. Patient went into comma
6. Dr asked CBG to be done and ECG (pulse high)
7. Patient had a fall a day to his discharge to a care home.
Note: I am a first-year student and must write on the above. Could you please help. This is an Inpatient ward.

The practice assessor and student will identify an appropriate episode of direct care involving meeting the needs of a person/family receiving care. Professionalism underpins all aspects of the student’s performance.
The aim of this assessment is to demonstrate the student’s progression in the following 5 platforms within the Future Nurse: Standards of proficiency (including skills from annexe A and B) (NMC 2018) in the context of their intended field(s) of practice:
• Promoting health and preventing illness
• Assessing needs and planning care
• Providing and evaluating care
• Improving safety and quality of care
• Coordinating care
Effective communication and relationship management skills underpin all aspects of care (Annexe A)
Students are required to use appropriate approaches and techniques considering the person’s motivation, capacity and need for reasonable adjustment applying understanding of mental capacity and health legislation as appropriate.
Learning outcomes
The student is able to:
1. Work in partnership with the person receiving care, their families and carers (where appropriate), the student is able to undertake an accurate assessment and provide evidence based, compassionate and safe nursing care.
2. Demonstrate understanding and can apply the relevant knowledge and skills to meet the individual’s needs relating to dignity, comfort, hygiene and mobility.
3. Communicate effectively utilising appropriate verbal and non-verbal skills in the delivery of person centred care decisions, taking into consideration the use of personal communication aids as appropriate.
4. Identify the impact of lifestyle choices on the individual’s mental and physical health and wellbeing and demonstrates the principles of health promotion and preventing ill health.
Demonstrate that they have maintained professional values and demonstrates knowledge of safety and safeguarding for the person receiving care and the carers and/or family.

Student reflection on an episode of care:
Within your reflection, describe the episode of care and how you assessed, delivered and evaluated care:
What did you do well?

What would you have done differently?


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