HCA 645 Refer to “Terrorism Preparedness” in your Assigned Readings

HCA 645 Refer to “Terrorism Preparedness” in your Assigned Readings

HCA 645 Refer to “Terrorism Preparedness” in your Assigned Readings

Refer to “Terrorism Preparedness” in your assigned readings. According to the article, identify what local, county, and state assets you feel need to be in place as an answer to counterterrorism preparedness and why.

Since the September 2011 attacks, the United States government has continuously worked to improve the security of its populace. The collaboration between state, county and local assets in assessing and deterring terrorism activities, the FBI has put in place counterterrorism measures. The article Terrorism Preparedness outlines the role of not only the FBI but also the entire operational assets in managing terrorism activities. The multiagency and intra-divisional collaboration largely invoking the agencies under the Department of Homeland security is thus fundamental in thwarting acts of terrorism or even plans associated with them (Thomas, 2012). The local, state, and county assets needed for counterterrorism preparedness include the local police divisions, the American Aviation Association, and the National Infrastructure Protection Center. Moreover, other agencies such as the Red Cross, the US Intelligence Community, and the National Infrastructure and Computer Intrusion Program.

The FBI and US Intelligence Community are fundamental to the counterterrorism efforts in the United States because of their role in the collection and dissemination of information in real-time or near real-time manner from relevant agencies. The two assets then evaluate the information to determine if the attack is broad scale. The local police divisions are also important in gathering information to prevent the occurrence of any planned attack. The American Aviation Association and the aviation industry in large play a vital role in identifying threats to the nation from the airport as they use facial recognition technology to flag suspects that might be trying to enter the country (Steiner, n.d). The National Infrastructure and Computer Intrusion Program is important as it helps the government to thwart cyberterrorism. The Red Cross on the other hand helps to prepare for any casualties should the attacks actually happen. Therefore, the collaboration of the local, state, and county assets in the counterterrorism is significant in the prevention of acts of terror and minimization of casualties should they happen.

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Thank you for marking an in formative post about the counterterrorism preparedness. Like you have correctly identified, a chain of command is involved when addressing issues related to the security of the nation’s population. The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense have clear policies regarding how such matters should be handled. The threat assessment conducted by both the FBI and the Intelligence Community Agencies will determine the level of threat and the subsequent actions to be taken. Moreover, other related agencies such the local police divisions, the highway patrol and even players in the aviation industry participate in counterterrorism measures.

Kimberly, thank you for making an informative post about the issue of terrorism and counterterrorism efforts. Since the 9/11 attacks, the intelligence community led by the FBI have increased their counterterrorism efforts. The government of the United States at all levels has ensured that measures to prevent the occurrence of such an event are active. One of the measures entails the creation of several assets at both the county, state and federal levels. These assets work in synergy to ensure that intelligence information is gathered in real-time so as to avert and sometimes thwart the occurrence of terrorist attacks. The FBI has Special Agents at various county and state offices who gather information that is sent to the headquarters for analysis. Moreover, terrorism has gone hi-tech and the government has reacted by creating the National Infrastructure and Computer Intrusion Program to prevent attacks over the internet (Thomas, 2002). These efforts in addition to the existence of other assets have been critical in keeping the United States safe from terrorists.


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