HCA 645 The Concept of Skill Mix

HCA 645 The Concept of Skill Mix

HCA 645 The Concept of Skill Mix

The Concept of Skill Mix

Skill mix is the grouping of workers from different categories in a particular profession. Employers who use this approach focus on improving organizational performance through the creation of these mergers (Lovink et al., 2019). The combination may involve a mix of posts in a department, a mix of employees in a post or the combination of available skills at a particular time.  Skill mix is significant because it allows the combination of the right skills and expertise that increases organizational performance (Cannell, 2018). There are other occasions where there are wrong combinations.  The wrong combinations result in loss of time and resources.

In conducting an assessment in the nursing education skill mix can be applied. At a health organization, other health workers exist who are members of examining bodies. Therefore, the workers will be involved in developing guidelines for assessment. Human resource workers may be involved in determining the productivity levels of the assessed instructors and students.  HR staff members consider the employability of the students in nursing education.  Successful instructors and students may also be incorporated into the assessment.  The decision to choose members in the examining bodies, HR experts, and instructors and students accomplishes skill mix. Individuals involved in the assessment process are from different categories.  Similarly, these people have different skills and experience.  The combination of these individuals increases the accuracy of the results obtained from this assessment.

Employers entrust skill mix as a routine that will provide the best outcome. Therefore, when making these groups the skills and potential of individuals are considered.  There are cases where wrong grouping is made.  In case there is a wrong combination, the organization suffers a loss due to time and resources that are invested in making these groups. 


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Thank you for an informative post on skill mix in health care. Indeed, skill mix is normally described as the mix of posts, grades, or occupation in an organization. Moreover, it may also be known as a combination of activities or skills that are required for each job in an organization. Skill mix has several advantages hence the reasons why health care organizations adopt the concept. One of the most important advantages of skill mix entails the lowering of costs by hospitals. Further, skill mix permits registered nurses to operate at the top of their license, hence leading to higher job satisfaction. The increased satisfaction leads to reduced turnover of staff members.

Hi Kimberly, I concur with your definition of skill mix. Indeed, it is an important concept when it comes to the operation of health care organizations. In the traditional perspective, health care organizations have focused on productivity encompassing hours per unit of service so as to determine the level of staffing. Nevertheless, the traditional approach has unintentionally led to the existence of incentives so as to reduce the number of floor nurses. The presence of skill mix enables nursing staff to optimize their roles by spending more time on important issues such as patient education. Also, skill mix also results in higher job satisfaction and lower turnover of health care facilities employees.

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