HCA 699 Define “methodology” and explain how your research problem can be studied

HCA 699 Define “methodology” and explain how your research problem can be studied

HCA 699 Define “methodology” and explain how your research problem can be studied

Define “methodology” and explain how your research problem can be studied. Share your methodology.

Topic 4 DQ 1

Methodology is amongst the most significant sections of a capstone project. Research methodology entails a specific techniques or procedures that are adopted in the identification, selection, processing and analysis of information regarding a topic (Kumar, 2019). The methodology section is fundamental as it allows a reader to determine the validity and reliability of a paper after a critical evaluation.

The project will adopt a quantitative approach as its methodology. The rationale for choosing this method entails the fact that a comparison will be made at the end of the study to compare the before and after effects of the intervention. As such, administrative data on patient falls will be acquired from administrative database concerning the rates of patient falls at the facility’s medical-surgical unit.  The introduction of hourly nursing rounds and call lights at some of the rooms at the unit will then occur. After the introduction of the two interventions, The Tracking Record for Improving Patient Safety will be used to track the rates of patient falls for each intervention (AHRQ, n.d). The collected data will then undergo a statistical analysis using SPSS package. The comparison of the two data sets vis-à-vis the initial fall rates will reveal the more effective approach to reducing patient falls in the medical-surgical unit at the facility.


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It is important for any clinician utilizing evidenced-based research (EBR) to understand what type of research is appropriate for investigating a problem. Mackey & Gass (2016) explain research methodology as the theoretical conceptualization behind why a particular method is used to explore a research question. This appears to be just as important as the actual method of research used. The methodology would support why qualitative, quantitative, or a mixed method is chosen to explore or support the research question.

The methodology I have chosen to support my EBP project is quantitative methodology, specifically the use of randomized controlled trial (RCT) and systematic review methodologies. RCT methodology supports research questions that involve interventions because it provides clarity around the efficacy and effectiveness of them through focus on cause and effect (Melnyk & Fineout-Overhold, 2019). My research question explores an intervention involving a treatment alternative for pain control in patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty. Through literature review, three RCTs and five systematic reviews have been found in relation to all the components in my research question and appear to be appropriate research for it. The systematic review methodology aims to “summarize, appraise, and communicate the results and implications of several studies that may have contradictory results” (Melnyk & Fineout-Overhold, p. 171). Since this population is well-studied with multiple interventions in addition to the one under question, the abundance of research supports the use of systematic reviews as an appropriate, ideal methodology for providing any firm conclusions. Overall, the methodology seems to be a guide to what kind of research is needed and understanding the different kinds is probably a good first step once the research question is determined.


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