NUR 670 GC Week 1 Complete Work Tasks

NUR 670 GC Week 1 Complete Work Tasks

NUR 670 GC Week 1 Discussion Latest

Should all nurses be considered leaders? What characteristics of nurses make them leaders? How do your responses compare or contrast with the view of power according to servant leadership? Support your response with evidence from the textbook or Topic Materials.



NUR 670 GC Week 1 Nurse Leadership Practicum Clinical Log


The “Nurse Leadership Practicum Clinical Log” is a pass/fail assignment due at the end of the course. This “Clinical Log” is a snapshot of the electronic Typhon clinical record.

Students must log into Typhon and update their clinical hours each week.


NUR 670 GC Week 1 Selection of Nurse Leader Preceptor


Provide your selected preceptor with a copy of the GCU “Guidelines for Graduate Field Experience” resource.

Submit the preceptor documentation to the instructor.

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