Assignment Description:

Only need to answer the following questions. Please answer each question separately. Please do not write on giant paper for all the questions. Please answer each questions (in question and answer format) and send it back to me ASAP!!!!

Just answer each question with one or more source. Write 250-300 words for each questions. Make sure the reference is suitable for APA format. use journal article or any source acceptable by APA 7th format.

Please answer these two questions and send me ASAP. Once you send me the answer for these two questions, you can write the answer for other questions and send me. But I need help with these two questions first.
• Contract labor is usually the most expensive man-hours. Why?
• What is a cost-to-charge ratio? Why should a nurse manager understand this ratio, and how would he or she use it?


Other questions that needs to be answered.
What is it important for a nurse leader to understand variance reporting? How does this reporting become a valuable tool?
• Because staffing is usually the most expensive resource in the provision of care, what reports would provide you with valuable information for this expense?
• Finance departments regard nursing units as not being revenue generators. Why do you believe they are inaccurate in their assessment?
• In the new value-based reimbursement environment, what other measures can a nurse manager take to enhance reimbursement and prevent revenue loss?

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