Nursing Research: dissemination.

Nursing Research: dissemination.

Nursing Research: dissemination.
Nursing Research: dissemination.

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When a research project has been completed, there is, in fact, another step: dissemination. Dissemination refers to the spreading of information on a large scale, and the key step in this process is often considered to be having the work published in a peer-reviewed journal. Unfortunately, a high number of completed works of research may not even have that process. In the discipline of psychiatric nursing, other methods of dissemination may include poster presentations at a conference, offering the information throughout workplace training sessions or posting the information to a relevant audience online. Dissemination is important, as this is how information may be taken and implemented in evidence-based practice.

Part 1:

Review the article, “Spreading the word: disseminating research results to patients and carers?”, then answer the following questions in the form of a 250–350-word IDP, and complete part 2.

  1. Based on the information in the article, and other evidence that you may incorporate, describe some of the root causes for why scholarly research may not be shared with a broader audience (250 to 300 words)

Part 2:

Earlier in the course, you developed a plan for how you would go about solving a problem, connected with practice, that you had come across when conducting a small literature review. (2 linked assignments attached). Create a small pictograph, or single PowerPoint page, displaying the problem you were working on and some steps for fixing it. Imagine this poster might be posted in the workplace.

Ensure the pictograph or PowerPoint page contains:

A brief description of the problem you discovered
-The steps you suggest be taken to help solve the problem
-The target audience for the reading of the material (Students, a unit, a community setting)


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