Nursing Theory

Nursing Theory


In your own words, discuss your philosophy of nursing. Reflect on the definition of the four concepts of the nursing meta-paradigm. Write your own definition for each concept of the meta-paradigm of nursing. Which concept would you add to the meta-paradigm of nursing and why? Which concept would you eliminate and why?

Your paper should be 1–2 pages in length, in APA style, typed in Times New Roman with 12-point font, and double-spaced with 1″ margins. Cite at least one outside source using APA style.






Philosophical Nursing
Philosophical nursing entails beliefs, values, and perceptions that an individual has regarding nursing. Different health practitioners such as doctors, pediatricians, nurses, and clinicians’ nursing philosophies differ, and some are more likely similar. In my opinion, nursing philosophy involves attention and caring for the patients. The main goal is to provide quality care to patients and improve their health through appropriate treatment and nursing care. Therefore, nursing is a calling, and an individual does not have to focus on the payment they are receiving but consider the patients’ satisfaction with the services being provided.
Metaparadigm of Nursing
Metaparadigm entails the scientific aspects and helps focus on the main scientific attributes that help in the nursing profession. For instance, the most important people involved in the nursing profession are the patient and nurse. Therefore, the four metaparadigm help understand how the nursing profession can be maintained to sustain quality healthcare and wellbeing. The four metaparadigms are person, environment, health, and nursing (Deliktas et al., 2019).
The metaparadigm of a person focuses on the patient as the recipient of care. The patient’s care can be influenced by spiritual beliefs, family, or social status (Deliktas et al., 2019). For instance, a patient from a high social class can receive quality care from well-modernized healthcare because they can afford the medical expenses. Thus might not be the same for all the patients. This concept helps me understand how it can sometimes be impossible to provide quality care depending on the assigned healthcare. For instance, a healthcare organization that does not have efficient medical equipment due to the country’s low income, especially in underdeveloped countries. Thus it can be impossible for patients to be satisfied with the healthcare services.
Environment. This concept entails the internal and external factors that contribute to patient care. Such factors are the patients’ interactions with those who visit them and their reactions to their surroundings (Deliktas et al., 2019). Such assumptions can interfere with the patient’s focus on their wellbeing. For instance, when a family member tries to convince a patient that a particular medication is the best and is different from the doctor’s prescriptions, it thus causes conflict between the healthcare and the patient. This concept relates to my philosophy in nursing in that, as a nurse, one has to learn to understand the patients’ attitudes and help them understand the benefits the medication has on their health.
Metaparadigm of health. It involves the aspect of patients’ healthcare and wellness. This concept helps understand if a patient is accessible to healthcare services or not. It is crucial in providing patient nursing care, especially to those patients in critical condition to save their lives and family expenses. As a nurse, this concept relates to my philosophy in nursing. The nurse’s responsibility is to save lives and consider health techniques that are affordable to patients, especially those in admission. This will save their families from spending too many finances on medical expenses yet are not even assured if their patient will survive or not.
Nursing is an essential metaparadigm of nursing. It involves the knowledge and skills that the nurses apply when caring for the patient. The nurses need to understand the concept of nursing to maintain quality care and patient satisfaction. Adhering to the necessary precautions when caring for the patient is crucial in reducing risks such as transmitting diseases during and after treatments. This philosophy helps understand the fundamentals of nursing to enhance quality patient care.
Additions and Deletions of the Metaparadigm
All four concepts are essential in ensuring quality care to the patients and improving their wellbeing. In my opinion, I would add nursing care as the fifth paradigm. This is because the nursing profession is all about caring for the patient, physically and emotionally, to improve their wellbeing. Therefore, adding nursing care as the fifth metaparadigm will help the clinicians and nurses understand the importance of the concept and focus on the patients entirely, thus improving the patient-nurse relationship.
The nursing profession has been correlated to different metaparadigm of nursing with different scholars. All four concepts are crucial in my career as a nurse. However, the most beneficial concepts to my career are nursing and health. These two concepts will help me focus on the patient’s wellbeing as my self-consciousness will be determined to save their lives. Therefore, I will feel obligated to transform patients’ lives and give my best.


Deliktas, A., Korukcu, O., Aydin, R., & Kabukcuoglu, K. (2019). Nursing students’ perceptions of nursing metaparadigms: A phenomenological study. The Journal of Nursing Research, 27(5), e45.


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