Participation in research assignment

Participation in research assignment

Participation in research assignment
Participation in research assignment

Participation in Research Assignment
This assignment asks you to participate in a research project as a research subject and to reflect on your experience. If you do not wish to be a subject in a research project you may complete
the Alternative Assignment explained below. This project counts as one of the five point assignments in the course and is weighted for grading purposes equally with all the five point assignment. You may sign up for studies done at UTA or at any other university.
Research Assignment
1. Enroll in a human subjects research study conducted by UTA or by some other university. The study can be in any discipline, but must be conducted by university based investigators. Your
instructor will give you a list of possible resources.
2. Complete the consent process and at least one data collection session. (Many times there is only one data collection session involved, but if there is more, you do not have to wait until all data collection is complete to go on with this assignment).
3. Write a reflection answering the following questions. Include a cover page (see the example cover page for the Finding the Evidence paper for a model). You can use the title “Research Subject Participation Reflection”. Double space your writing. Your reflection should be from 250 to 300 words.

References are not necessary. If you use references make sure they are in APA format. Since you are writing about your own experiences you may use personal pronouns such as “I” and “my”. These are the questions to answer:
A. Give the name of the study, the name of the principal investigator, and the name of the sponsoring university.
B. Briefly explain your understanding of what the study was about.
C. Describe the consent process and anything you noticed that was done to protect your rights as a participant.
D. Did you feel triggered (something set off emotional distress) by anything in the research? If so, please explain.
E. Did you feel that your rights were violated in any way? If so, please explain. Alternative Assignment
1. Find at least two scholarly references that address the following questions. You may need more references if the two you find do not address all questions. Scholarly articles are articles that are peer reviewed and can be found in professional journals. Most sources found on CINAHL are scholarly
sources. Another place to look is Google Scholar.
2. Write an essay of 250 to 300 words that addresses the following questions. The word limit is for the body of the essay, not counting references. Be sure to use APA format. You may not use personal pronouns such as “I” or “my”. Use a 7th edition APA cover page. You can follow the sample cover page for the Finding the Evidence paper as a model. You can title your paper “Alternative Research Assignment”. These are the questions to answer:
A. What are concerns that participants in human subjects studies frequently express?
B. What is the usual process for addressing those concerns? How well does this process work?
C. What are potential triggers for participants? How can those triggers be addressed?
D. How well do participants think their rights are protected?

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