Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Essay  PERSUASIVE ESSAY: PREWRITING ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS  OVERVIEW The second essay you will write in the course is a Persuasive Essay.
Persuasive Essay
The second essay you will write in the course is a Persuasive Essay.Persuasive Essay
The second essay you will write in the course is a Persuasive Essay.


The second essay you will write in the course is a Persuasive Essay. You will use the skills that you have learned for essay writing and the feedback you received for your first essay to complete the Persuasive Essay: Prewriting Template. You are encouraged to complete the Quiz: Composition Practice: Persuasive Essay, Revising Language, Commas Assignment in Module 7: Week 7 before completing this assignment as it will prepare you with an understanding of Persuasive Essay writing.

In Module 7: Week 7, you will complete the Persuasive Essay: Prewriting Template that has 4 steps that will take you through the prewriting steps of a Persuasive Essay. You must save the Persuasive Essay: Prewriting Template to your computer, complete the 4 steps (Prewriting, First Draft, Rewriting, and Honor Statement), save your work, and submit the completed assignment as a MS Word document (.docx) or PDF (.pdf).

Step 1: Persuasive Essay: Prewriting

Step 1: Argument Essay Thesis Statement and Planning

My Topic:
Topic: You will choose 1 from the following topics for your Persuasive Essay:
• Should children participate in chores at home?
• Should schools teach financial literacy?
• Do all students need to learn a foreign language?
• Should households be required to recycle?
• Is dieting healthy?
• Can money buy happiness?

My Attitude:

My Purpose:

My Thesis Statement:

My Audience:

1. How much does my audience know about my subject?
2. Age? Gender? Race? Social status? Location? Religion?
3. Where does my audience stand on the issue; are they opposed or neutral?


 Your sentence outline MUST have five main points represented by Roman numerals. These main points will outline the paragraphs of your essay as follows:
I. Introduction Paragraph
II. Body Paragraph #1
III. Body Paragraph #2
IV. Body Paragraph #3
V. Conclusion Paragraph
There should be at least an A & a B under each main point.

Brainstorm to come up with main points for your essay. Think of your outline like a formula. See the parts of an essay below. Note: This is not a complete outline.

Topic + argument + reason 1 + reason 2 + reason 3

For example, if I were to write a proposal paper on human trafficking, I could have a thesis like this:

“The problem of human trafficking that runs rampant throughout the United States could potentially be solved through the implementation of prevention presentations in middle schools, awareness programs for parents, and greater punishments for people involved in human trafficking.”

Now, your thesis does not have to mirror this exact format, but this formula can be helpful.

For the outline, you can easily translate the thesis to a more fleshed out outline by converting each of your reasons into one body paragraph:

I. Implementation of prevention presentations in middle schools can help young teenagers develop awareness of human trafficking.
a. These presentations could provide youth with methods of self-defense to keep them safe.
b. Problems cannot be solved if people are unaware of the issue.

II. Awareness programs for parents can provide tools parents can use in their daily lives to keep their children safe.
a. Parents might not be aware of the dangers human trafficking poses to their children in their area of the world.
b. By bringing awareness to parents, the parents can then share the information with their children, which will help provide further insight for the children.

III. Greater punishments for people involved in human trafficking could potentially lessen the number of people involved in this crime.
a. Having a more intense consequence could keep potential criminals from getting involved with human trafficking because the risk will be greater if they are caught.
b. The level of punishment can also help people realize the gravity of the crime.

For your conclusion paragraph:
o Restate your thesis
o Tie up the main points
o Leave your reader with something to think about or a call to action

Step 2: Persuasive Essay: First Draft

Write a 5 paragraph 400-450 word rough draft that follows your outline, begins with a strong introduction that that includes an attention getter and your thesis statement, and includes 3 body paragraphs that explain each of your main points. Do not worry about spelling or grammar; host let your thoughts flow. End with a good concluding paragraph that restates your main arguments and calls your audience to action or change.

Step 3: Persuasive Essay: Rewriting

Copy your First Draft from Step 2 into Step 3. Revise and edit your rough draft. Highlight the changes so your instructor will see your revisions and edits. Begin reading through your rough draft and make changes to the content as you see fit. If necessary, add more information or details to support your argument. Add transitional words or phrases to help the essay flow in a logical order. Then, save the draft with the changes.Edit for any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. Remove contractions (can’t, won’t, doesn’t, etc.) and second person (any form of the pronoun “you”).

Consider the following questions:

1. Does my introduction begin general (with an attention getter) and get specific (through my thesis statement)?
2. Do I have a clear thesis statement at end of introduction that provides an overview of the main points to be discussed?
3. Does my essay have 3 body paragraphs that discuss the main points of my thesis?
4. Do each of my body paragraphs contain transitional topic sentences?
5. Do I have a clear, effective concluding paragraph that contains a restatement of my thesis and a final application?
6. Do my thoughts flow in a logical order and sequence?
7. Does my essay have unity, coherence, and adequate development?

Revise your piece to ensure that the answer to all of the above questions is “yes.” Then, save the changes.

1. Are all of my sentences all joined correctly (no fragments, comma splices, run-ons, or fused sentences)?
2. Are my sentence structures varied (use different ways of combining sentences)?
3. Did I avoid shifts in person, verb tense, or singular/plural words?
4. Are my spelling and punctuation correct? (Use the spell check feature, but also double check to ensure the spell check program caught all errors/typos.)
5. Are all of my words in a series parallel?
6. Did I avoid the use of contractions?
7. Did I avoid the use of second person point of view (you)?

Edit your draft until all of the above questions can be answered with “yes,” then save your

Step 4: Persuasive Honor Statement

Read and sign the Honor Statement prior to submitting your assignment to confirm that the work is your own.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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