Abstract, APA formatted

An abstract is a brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of your project. You are trying to get the reader interested in your topic and what you have written. Refer to the APA manual (6th edition) pages 25-27 for more information on writing an abstract.

Introduction to the project

Describe your topic and the project you have completed for this course. Talk about what you are looking at in this project. Add literature/evidence to support you introduction. Refer to the APA manual (6th edition) pages 27-28 for more information on writing an introduction.

Applicability to nursing practice

Describe the applicability of the project topic and the project itself to nursing practice. This section should focus on graduate level nursing practice.

Applicability to anticipated career trajectory

Describe your career trajectory and the relation of your project to your anticipated career after graduating from a graduate level nursing program. How does this project and/or its contents affect/influence your anticipated career trajectory?

Description of a nursing issue and/or trend

Describe the nursing issue and/or trend that is the focus of this project. Include a review of the literature/evidence on this nursing issue and/or trend. A minimum of eight to ten (8-10) literature/evidence sources are required for this section.

Identification of a conceptual framework

Describe the conceptual framework you have chosen as your guiding force in this project and why this is applicable to your project/topic.

Areas for Future Research

Identify any areas of future research regarding your topic. Identify at least one qualitative and one quantitative investigation that would benefit the further knowledge discovery of this topic. How would each be best executed and what would be the final outcome you would be attempting to measure.


Describe the outcomes you gained from completing this project. What is your overall goal and purpose of completing this project and did you meet those goals? How has this project helped you to focus your career trajectory? Give an overall conclusion. Refer to the APA manual (6th edition) pages 35-36 for more information on writing this section.

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