Public health-655-Defining Poverty And Global Health -Topic 1 DQ 1-Please see upload for full question.

Public health-655-Defining Poverty And Global Health -Topic 1 DQ 1-Please see upload for full question.


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-The chosen statement selection
-Two Arguments
-Historical Event
– Sources must be published within the last 5 years. It must be from 2017 and after and appropriate for the paper criteria and public health content.
– Please do not use blogs as references
-References should be in APA 7th ed.
-Please make sure you add the in text citations
-Add references to reference page
-Add the hyperlink/DOI for each reference in APA 7th edition format.
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The Chosen Statement Selection

            Global health is a separate discipline requiring specific training and research methods. Global health is different from public, although some people consider the two to be synonymous. Public health is defined as art and science that focus on disease prevention, prolonging life, and health promotion through organized societal efforts. Education and research are major strategies in public health. Global health, on the other hand, refers to an area of study, practice, and research, which focuses on health improvement and achieving health equity (Claborn, 2018). Global health is different as it focuses on large-scale health inequities, which are deeply rooted in transnational determinants (Turcotte-Tremblay et al., 2020).

Two Arguments to Support the Selected Statement

            One of the arguments is that global health comprises different branches of health sciences, and public health is one of them. According to Chen et al. (2020), global health comprises three branches of health sciences, including public health, medicine field, and international health, and requires a specialized discipline in academic societies, educational institutions, and research entities. Specific training and research methods, especially those related to other branches of health sciences, are therefore required in global health. Another argument is that global health requires a higher level of multidisciplinary collaboration compared to collaboration in public health, as the work of additional professionals outside the health science is included (Claborn, 2018). Such professionals include civil engineers, political scientists, and religious leaders.

One Historical Event That Is Important in How Global Health Is Understood Today and How That Event Supports the Argument

            World War II is the most influential historical event which not only impacted how global health is understood but also the primary purpose of global health. The concept of global health appeared first in literature in 1940 due to the great and urgent need to have cross-national organizations mobilizing resources and coordinating activities for the fight against life-threatening diseases (Chen et al., 2020). The event supports the argument by showing how global health as a broader focus extends the national borders or issues with global impact.



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Claborn, D. M. (2018). Introductory Chapter: What Is Global Health? In Current Issues in Global Health. IntechOpen.                                            

Turcotte-Tremblay, A. M., Fregonese, F., Kadio, K., Alam, N., & Merry, L. (2020). Global health is more than just ‘Public Health Somewhere Else’. BMJ Global Health5(5), e002545.                                                       


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