Therapeutic relations

Therapeutic relations

Therapeutic relations
Therapeutic relations

Therapeutic Relations
Reflections on Theories of Counselling
We are exploring counselling approaches: Psychoanalytic, Adlerian, Humanistic (person-centered), Existential, Reality, and Gestalt
In your Reflection post you will respond with:
1. Which of the theories covered in Week 4 and 5 appeals most to you? Try to understand why that is so, in other words, is the appeal more emotional, cognitive, pragmatic, etc. Talk with your classmates or others close to you about the theory you favor most and the reasons for it. Post a detailed and thoughtful response to this question (min. 300 words)
2. What does this mean to you? Aim to create a clear picture for the reader. If you are discussing the Adlerian Theory of Counselling, then provide a synopsis of main points outlining the approach. When discussing the theory you favor most, provide a detailed response creating a connection between the theory and why you favor that particular theory.
Here you will see we are looking for analysis, interconnection, and self-criticism:
Analysis: The reflection moves beyond a simple description of the experience to an analysis of how the experience contributed to student understanding of self, others, and/or course concepts.
Interconnections: The reflection demonstrates connections between the experience and material from other courses; past experience; and/or personal goals.
Self-criticism: The reflection demonstrates the ability of the student to question their own biases, stereotypes, preconceptions, and/or assumptions and define new modes of thinking as a result.



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