Valley Fever

Valley Fever

Valley Fever
Valley Fever

Identify a disease process in which geographic region (not state) or environmental factors increase risk. Use your CareOnPoint resource or other resources to determine the risk factors associated with this disease as well as the risk factors for contracting the disease? How does knowing the risk factors modify your diagnoses, intervention, and management plan?

Acceptable References

Rationale: As future providers, one wants to follow the evidenced-based practice that is accepted by regulatory authorities. The authorities and peer-reviewed journals have the input of many professionals and not just one provider’s opinion. As a provider, you want your care substantiated with best practices and published treatment plans and protocols to withstand your defense with other providers and a lawsuit.
Examples of these authorities include, but not limited to:
ACOG, AADE, ADA, American College of Surgeons, etc.
Acceptable Resources Unacceptable resources
• Textbooks used in your courses
• Peer-reviewed journal articles:
• New England Journal of Medicine
• Diabetes Educator
• Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners
• UpToDate with an author
• Epocrates – Drug information only • WebMD
• Dynamed
• Stat pearls
• Medscape
• No blogs
• Educational tools for patients
• Mayo and Cleveland Clinic – opinions, not evidence,
• Materials aimed at the “lay” person
How to locate adequate resources that are peer-reviewed:
• Link your computer to the GCU library
• Talk you’re your hospital/organization’s librarian
Library resources/education links:
• Library Walkthrough Tutorial:
• Nursing & Health Sciences Research Guide:
• Nursing Webinar:
• Appointments with a librarian:
• Phone Local 602.639.6641
• Email:

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