Viatical Settlements

Assignment Objectives:  Discuss viatical settlements, explain why individuals offer viatical settlements, and discuss risks involved in the viatical settlement process.

Purpose:  Understand viatical settlements.

Assignment Description:  Read the article, “Are You Worth More Dead than Alive?” by James Vlahos to learn more about the concept of selling personally owned life insurance policies. (WEBSITE TO READ ARTICLE:

To complete this assignment successfully, please complete the following in the order presented:

Article Summation:  Provide a summation of the article as presented including key details and information gathered from reading. The summation should be written in your own words including in-text citation in proper APA format where necessary.

Article Analysis and Formal Discussion: (Answer in separate paragraphs; please do not include assignment questions):

  • What is a life settlement?
  • What is a viatical settlement?
  • For what reason(s) would a person choose to offer a life settlement? What are the benefits?
  • For what reason(s) would a person choose to offer a viatical settlement? What are the benefits?
  • Why are life and viatical settlements controversial?

Conclusion: Conclude your article review with your position as to whether or not you believe that life or viatical settlements are a good idea. Lastly, explain whether or not you would choose to offer a viatical or life settlement if the opportunity presented itself to you. Be sure to include your justification for doing so.

Parameters:  Please complete the written assignment using complete sentences in paragraph format. All paragraphs should be indented five spaces, and sentences free from grammatical and spelling errors. The last page of the assignment should be a reference page in correct APA format which includes at minimum annotates two sources beyond your textbook as a source of information and any other sources used to complete the assignment. The assignment should be five hundred words in length not including the reference page.

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