Week 3 Assignment: Essay – Representing a Democracy

Representing A Democracy

The Ohio congress representative includes Senator Sherrod Brown. The senator has been in office since January 2007 and was elected through the Republican Party. The other senator is Robert “Rob” Portman. He was also elected to office through the Republican Party and has served the people since January 2011. The next general election is expected to be held in 2022. When it comes to a House of Representatives member, Joyce Beatty is a third district representative. Joyce was elected through the Democratic Party and had been serving in the office since January 2013. All these congressional representative leaders are different people with different past occupations, politics, educational background, and other demographics.

Sherrod Brown


Sherrod Brown was born in 1952. He is an American politician who currently serves as an Ohio senator. He was first elected in the same office in 2006. He has been a member of the Democratic Party. He served as a representative for the 13th congress district between 1993 to 2007 before being elected the senator in the state of Ohio. Other positions in politics that Sherrod held include Ohio’s secretary of state, where he had the job from 1983 to 1991. Sherrod brown political career began in 1975 as the representative of Ohio State. While in the senate seat, he defeated mike DeWine, a Republican, in the 2006 senate elections. His reelection came in 2012, and this time, the polls were as successful as he was elected after defeating Josh and later defeated Jim Renacci in the 2018 elections (Govtrack, n.d).

Family Background and Education

When it comes to family background, Mr. Brown was born in the state of Ohio. He is the son of Charles and Emily Brown and was named after his grandfather. He traces his ancestral roots back to England, Germany, and Scotland.  From an educational perspective, Sherrod Brown holds a bachelor’s degree in Russian studies. He furthered his education and received a master’s degree in arts and education with other qualifications. He also has a master’s degree in public administration at Ohio University. He won his current position through an election that he won by garnering 56.1% of the total votes cast under the Democratic Party. He defeated his closest competitor, a republican, who managed to get 43.8% of the votes.

Policy Issue

One policy area of interest that Sherrod has been working on is healthcare policy. He has been behind the affordable care and patient protection act by showing he possesses the ordinary person or poor people’s ideology. He acknowledges that many people are struggling with healthcare needs, and bypassing this policy, accessibility to healthcare will be improved, and the poor people will receive health care services, which is part of their fundamental rights.

Robert “Rob” Portman


Robert was born in Ohio in 1955. He is an American politician who is currently serving as the United States senator of Ohio. He was elected in office through the Republican Party.


Family Background and Education

He schooled and graduated from Dartmouth University College. He also went on to study at Michigan Law School.  He has been spending most of his time in the law firms in Washington before becoming associated with the height house under the Bush administration. He won a special election in 1993 to represent the second congressional district and was re-elected into office six times before he resigned. He was born as the son of Will and Joanne. He was raised in a Presbyterian family (Govtrack, n.d).

Policy Issue

Robert’s contributions were notable and included management and budget that were edited and emphasized to be the budget and management director. In recent years, a similar idea of budget and economy was presented. Rob has been advocating for the amendment of a balanced budget that aimed at ending shutdown of the government. His concerns were mainly with the government spending. This shows that Rob’s ideology narrows down to spending money and other resources in the right way that can help the country have a stable and suitable economy where the citizens can benefit directly. In the last election that Rob participated in, he won the election with a republican party where he managed to get 56.8% of the total votes cast at the time.

Joyce Beatty


Joyce Beatty was born in 1950. She is an American politician and currently serving as the House of Representatives for the third congress district. Joyce has been holding this position since 2013 when she won the seat through a democratic ticket. Before she won the position, Joyce was the senior vice president for outreach and engagement. She also served as a House representative from 1999 to 2008, where she represented the 27th district as the majority leader.

Family Background and Education

She was born in Dayton, Ohio. Joyce holds a degree in arts in a speech from the central state university. She furthered her studies at Wright State University where she acquired her master’s degree in counseling and psychology (www.govtrack.us).

Policy Issue

She has contributed in various positions include defense. She has supported the defense bill, which included money supposed to fence the United States and Mexico border. Joyce has also played an instrumental role in contributing towards the bill on abortion. Through this bill, she has been famous for supporting pro-life. This indicates that Joyce’s ideology purely relies on feminism, which makes her have the determination to help and be at the forefront in supporting females.

Representative I Am Interested In

There are fundamental reasons why political parties are formed. In a democratic state, political parties are commonly involved in policy formulation to help them gain votes. The political parties formulate policies that enable to serve the people’s interest to gain office. They embody ideologies in educating the people about the party’s objectives, thus creating ideologies that help win the votes from the people (Cobb, 2020). Congressman Robert’s campaigns have helped him through ideologies that helped him in gaining votes. As a republican, Rob has been able to advocate for budget and management. He has been fighting for Ohio people to dress issues such as government spending and stabilizing the economy. Every citizen in Ohio should benefit directly from the government’s improved economy. What is impressive about Robert is that as a Republican, he includes ideologies from a democrat’s perspective. His notion that the state should have a better economy through proper resource management and budgeting can help raise the economy by protecting and making the larger America’s economy safe. Ohio is home to critical infrastructure that must be protected through economic growth and proper budgeting control. On many occasions, this also involves military services and other state functions that need to work within budgets that are fixed. Robert is a true leader and a statesman. He can respond swiftly to current situations. Rob is doing it right since it will help relieve so many low-income families from hard economic choices. By spending money in the right way, the state can afford services and other infrastructures to benefit the people directly.

Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:

Research the background of your Congressional representatives based on your address listed with CU – two senators and a member of the House of Representatives. Find out about their previous occupation(s), political experience, family, income, education, and other relevant demographics. What percentage of the vote did they receive to win in their last election? What are two policy issues areas they are interested in? How do these areas reflect their ideologies?

Here is a link to get your started:

Write an essay. Start by identifying all three of your representatives. Then, pick the representative you are most interested in and explain why they interest you. Present the information you found in your research required above in the essay.

Writing Requirements (APA format)

This activity will be graded using the Assignment #3 Grading Rubric.

Course Outcomes (CO): 2, 3

Due Date: By 11:59 p.m. MT on Sunday

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